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  • John Lowry

Argentine Tango for Busy Couples

Do you find it difficult to create time for togetherness? The pressures and stresses on busy working couples and parents raising a family today, can create loss of togetherness, love and intimacy. When couples first meet, they share time to create connection, sharing their feelings, hopes and dreams. The reasons for sharing a life together gets lost within the stresses of parenting children, time consuming jobs and the general day to day pressures of life. Couples rarely get alone time and they can come to a place where they no longer feel their partner is on the same page. They lose touch with the essence of their love and the opportunity for deep heartfelt intimacy seems to have disappeared. It is often difficult to know how to rekindle their past closeness. Argentine Tango, gives couples the opportunity to connect once again. What better way to spend time together, than through learning a new physical language which, in its very nature is the Dance of Connection. Because of its improvised form, Argentine tango is an intimate communication. Within this experience, each person embarks on learning a technique of silent listening and communication. It is a dance for the Now moment. At every moment, each person gives complete attention to each other, creating in the space between them, their connection. Firstly a man invites his partner into the embrace where a connection is made through both listening and responding to the music. The man then senses his partner’s readiness to dance. For each step he initiates, he listens for and senses his partner has completed her step before he progresses to the next movement, step and direction. She waits and listens to sense the direction and timing of each step and by maintaining a strong bond, they appear to step together in unison. Both parties experience what is known as whole brain activity. Both leader and follower rapidly switch between their right brains sensing and receiving, to their left brains intellect and action of each movement. Each can feel their thoughts translated into action in their partners body. Thoughts and actions mingle together in a sensual embrace that creates a warm togetherness. Putting aside time in a busy life to learn Argentine Tango has many added health benefits. Core strength is built, through a refined walk and the holding of the upper body. The required holding and tortion movement creates an improved mind body awareness and coordination. An improved walk and bearing adds confidence to an individual’s musculature and overall appearance.

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